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Welcome to Tack It Up!

Welcome to Tack It Up Boutique! My name is Kim Samitore; animals, wellness, and art have always interested me, so I have created a business where I can blend my passions together in one place!

I have a broad background of study in the field of horsemanship to help my customers find what they are looking for or how to use and fit equipment properly. I have been a multi-discipline horse trainer for over 20 years and have a degree in Equine Science. I am also a Certified Large Animal Massage Practitioner and Certified MagnaWave PEMF Practitioner. As a former boarding facility owner/operator, I have seen a lot of horses and clients with various skills and backgrounds over the years. I hope to assist all horse lovers, whether they are thinking about buying a horse or are seasoned riders.

Tack It Up Boutique is a horse tack shop that is more than meets the eye!

Welcome to a unique shopping experience where you will find the largest consignment and new tack options within a 150-mile radius, servicing approximately five counties and two states. My quant little store also offers full-service horse blanket wash, repair, waterproofing, and custom tailoring services for your equine’s horse wear needs.

Currently, used inventory is the largest stock in the store, but I plan to grow the business in the future to include more new product options. I am already a dealer for Circle Y, Billy Cook, and Weaver to name a few.

Not only can you shop and consign horse tack, saddles, and other goods, but inside, you will also find a MagnaWave PEMF wellness suite and a full-service, on-demand custom apparel business and digital marketing studio.

The tack selection is carefully curated from a variety of horse households. I accept English and Western riding gear and apparel, with quality over quantity as the focus. People drive near and far to bring items in for consignment; some are well-loved, and other items are brand new with tags and/or still in the package! I often get some unique pieces and never know what someone is looking for when they come in, so I try to have a wide variety of items.

In addition to new and used items that are commercially available, I feature products made by local makers, from locally sourced supplements and horse products to custom-made tack, home décor, and more that you can only find in the Rogue Valley!

Inside the Wellness Suite, MagnaWave PEMF is offered onsite for human customers. I travel to the client for services for livestock such as horses, swine, cattle, sheep, and goats. PEMF stands for “Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency” therapy. PEMF is an all-natural modality to help the body reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and oxygenate the blood at the cellular level. This aids in pain relief, healing, relaxation, increased energy, improved sleep, and many other benefits. Clients can make an appointment or drop in for a session.

Digital creation is nothing new to horse customers, but I work with clients from all different genres. Tack It Up Boutique can build you a website, offer photography services, print custom apparel and accessories, design print media, and provide other artistic services you might need for business or personal use.

I am often asked if my new business was opened [July 2023] to replace the old tack shop in Central Point or serve the same purpose. My goal is not to replicate an old business but to create a new one that offers great customer service, a unique shopping experience, and various products and services, all unique to Tack It Up Boutique. I hope the store creates a sense of community that will tie people of different but similar interests together through a common experience by supporting a small, local, female-owned business.

To read more about the debut of Tack It Up Boutique, see the article in The Rogue Valley Times, published in October 2023, here:

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So Beautifully written Kim! Love all that you are offering and doing for our horse community!! Thank you!

Beautiful website!! Love coming to see you in the store!

Me gusta
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